DOHaD Africa


The African Chapter of DOHaD is a globally connected virtual network focused on creating, communicating and translating the latest knowledge on the developmental origins of health and disease. We are committed to research and advocacy that will ensure the improvement of the health and well-being of everyone in Africa today and into the future.

Virtual Network of African Scientists

We aim to develop a virtual network of African scientists and clinicians committed to exploring Africa-specific developmental origins of health, sharing findings and resources between ourselves, and initiating innovative collaborations across regions and countries in Africa.

The Chapter will recruit and bring together African DOHaD members via this website, social media, messaging channels to share resources and build contacts between ourselves.

The Chapter will begin holding biannual meetings linked to the DOHaD World Congresses.

Research and policy change in Africa

Key Priorities


Discover the attributable effects of early-life exposures on later life NCD burden in Africa


Determine how maternal and paternal health, and environmental factors during the early life (preconception-childhood) in different African settings interact with growth and development to place individuals on trajectories that impact life-long health


Develop strategies to prevent or reverse negative life-course outcomes so as to promote health and wellbeing, and ensuring that all Africans attain their full potential


Ascertain how a DOHaD framework can aid achievement of the sustainable development goals


Assess the best strategies to improve maternal health during pregnancy


Test solutions for optimising child and adolescent health


Increase awareness of DOHaD across Africa


Ensure multisectoral collaboration to address DOHaD across governments, industry, civil society, and academia


Advocate for innovation and funding agencies to include DOHaD science in their calls for proposals


Use, and study the results of, fiscal policies to promote healthy living at all ages


Foster a new generation of young African scientists to address DOHaD research questions


Read more about the mission of the African Chapter  The Lancet.

DOHaD Africa Chapter's virtual home is hosted by the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Human Development in partnership with South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology and the National Research Foundation.