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High Blood Pressure in Children: Should we be concerned?

Evidence suggests that blood pressure levels in children and adolescents are rising, particularly in the African region. In the absence of other symptoms or illness, and with little clinical guidance available for the African context, the path forward is unclear. This webinar will explore current clinical guidelines for paediatric primary hypertension, recent evidence of change in paediatric blood pressure levels in Africa, the risk factors and longer term impact. In collaboration with the COE-HUMAN, North West University, The George Institute for Global Health, Wits University and the University...

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Research uncovers link between the timing of fetal head growth patterns and subsequent child development

Researchers monitored the growth inside the womb of over 3,500 babies in six countries across the world using serial ultrasound scans throughout pregnancy. The results of the findings of the INTERBIO-21st Fetal Study were published in the journal Nature Medicine, providing strong evidence that development in childhood is influenced by events affecting the mother before and/or during pregnancy. In particular, a critical time period during pregnancy is between 20 to 25 weeks gestation. The growth and development of infants was then monitored until the age of 2 years. The study identified head...

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Human development in the time of Covid-19 – an international webinar series

DOHaD Africa is is delighted to invite you to a series of five webinars where we are partnering with the hosts, the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Human Development (South Africa) and the Global Health Research Institute at the University of Southampton (UK). These webinars will investigate the effect of COVID-19 on human development, and how the virus will shape a new research agenda, with particular emphasis on its disruptions of child development, food security, public health priorities, socio-economic progress, and the environment. Left out of the Conversation Webinar flyer   &nb...

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A conversation with Mary Wlodek, Professor of Physiology at the University of Melbourne

We interviewed Professor Mary Wlodek whose mission is to try and correct the deficits in breastmilk of women who suffer with complicated pregnancies. In Professor Wlodek’s long career in animal-based research, it became clear that many rat pups born small, developed cardiovascular and metabolic health problems, which has intergenerational repercussions. Maternal and placental changes that occur in complicated pregnancies in rats meant that a mother’s breast function was altered, and that their offspring are not able to consume the right amount, and best composition, of breast milk. This is...

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JDOHaD Themed Issue: COVID-19: Impact of viruses on DOHaD

The Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (JDOHAD) is calling for papers that study the impact of viruses on DOHaD. This may be studies of the impact of a viral infection on fetal, childhood or adult health, the impact of antiviral treatment on fetal, childhood or adult health or the lifelong impact of an epidemic/pandemic from a social, health or psychological perspective. The issue is driven by the current COVID-19 pandemic but studies of the impact of any virus or treatment for any viral infection is welcomed as long as the study has a DOHaD focus. Submissions will be accepted...

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Revisiting DOHaD International Congress 2019 – from your living room

Covid-19 has irrevocably changed the world, and we’re having to find innovative ways to connect with each other. DoHAD International is unable to have an in-person gathering in 2020 and will offer an online revisiting of 2019’s most popular plenary sessions every Wednesday from 10 June 2020 to 15 July 2020. Sessions include presentations on: The Human Microbiome Origins for Health and Disease; Inflammation in Developmental Programming – Lessons from Cardiovascular Disease; and The Chemical Environment and Health.  These are available to DoHAD members only. IMPORTANT INFORMATION...

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