Dr Barker on helping teenagers live their best lives

Professor Mary Barker, Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Science, University of Southampton Honorary Reader in Psychology, Institute for Women’s Health, University College London, discusses the importance of supporting adolescents to live their best lives. She notes that the behaviour change interventions used to support adolescents have not been effective and thus discusses how personalised and tailored interventions are key.

adolescents, behavioral change, behavioural change, teenagers

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Dr Green’s views on science communication and engagement

Dr Green, Associate Professor in Development Physiology, University of Southhampton, discusses the importance of effective science communication and public engagement activities in the field of developmental origins of health and disease. Dr Green has conducted science engagement workshops for high school children, allowing them the opportunity to conduct experiments, and to meet with working scientists to understand the work they do.

DOHaD2019, Foetal physiology, Nutrition, Pregnancy, Science communication

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Dr Claire Wilson speaks about Maternal and Infant Mental Health

Dr Claire Wilson is an MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow in the Section of Women’s Mental Health at Kings College London and provides an overview of her current research: the risks of intergenerational transmission of mental illness; the effect of gestational diabetes on a children’s health, especially in the realm of neurological conditions; and a father’s mental health status and its effects on his offspring. https://www.dohadafrica.org.za/wp-content/uploads/Clare-WilsonEdited.mp3    


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International Congress

October 2019 The 11th DOHaD World Congress which will be held in Melbourne, Australia in October 2019.  The Congress is hosted by the DOHaD Society of Australia and New Zealand.

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