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High Blood Pressure in Children: Should we be concerned?

Evidence suggests that blood pressure levels in children and adolescents are rising, particularly in the African region. In the absence of other symptoms or illness, and with little clinical guidance available for the African context, the path forward is unclear. This webinar will explore current clinical guidelines for paediatric primary hypertension, recent evidence of change in paediatric blood pressure levels in Africa, the risk factors and longer term impact.

In collaboration with the COE-HUMAN, North West University, The George Institute for Global Health, Wits University and the University of South Wales, Sydney, DOHaD Africa hosted a webinar where experts weighed in on critical questions.

The topics covered, with respective speakers were:

Paediatric Hypertension in Africa between 2017 and 2020: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – Dr Simone Crouch

Raised blood pressure in children and adolescence in South Africa: Key findings and way forward? – Dr Juliana Kagura

Factors associated with elevated blood pressure in children – Prof Ruan Kruger

Current clinical practice guidelines for high blood pressure in children and adolescents – Dr Lisa Ware

Listen to the webinar recording here. Please copy and paste this password to access the audio: ReN2?I#w

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